Portable Wheel Weighers Overview From Intercomp

At Central Carolina Scale, we’ve been selling, renting, and repairing scales for over 40 years and likewise Intercomp has been building outstanding portable wheel weighers and crane scales for decades as well. Intercomp is the world’s largest manufacturer of portable weighing and measurement products, producing the highest quality products at competitive prices. Customers in fields like aerospace, transportation, automotive, and numerous other industries know that Intercomp’s products provide reliable solutions for the most exacting applications.

PT300 Portable Wheel Weigher Scale

Intercomp’s exclusive RFX Wireless Weighing Technology is the most advanced technology of its kind. The complete line of portable scales, indicators, and test equipment utilize RFX Wireless Weighing Technology to provide the accuracy needed to obtain reliable readings in any weighing application. Intercomp industrial weighing products also consists of portable high capacity scales & load cells for under the wheel of vehicles, on overhead cranes, in material handling devices and mounted within production equipment. Let’s take a look at a few of the Intercomp wheel load scales below. Continue reading

WinVRS Vehicle Weight Recording System

Cardinal Scale’s powerful WinVRS has been a popular vehicle recording system for truck scale weighing applications many years, allowing high-traffic applications fast, accurate collection of data on vehicles, accounts, orders, and materials. The literature for this product has recently been updated.

cardinal winvrs software

Cardinal’s powerful WinVRS software keeps traffic moving over your scale by providing fast, accurate collection of data on vehicles, accounts, orders, and materials. Unique, user-defined fields allow you to easily configure the system to meet your needs. A wide range of reports are available to provide period histories, material totals, customer information and more. WinVRS’s convenient file utilities menu allows data to be exported to other applications such as accounting and materials control. NTEP legal-for-trade certified. WinVRS-TOUCH offers all the same great features as WinVRS, but comes with larger fonts and buttons for convenient touchscreen navigation. When a user enters into any WinVRS window with input prompts, an on-screen keyboard appears.

With 9 models of WinVRS to select from, customers oftentimes have questions about which system is right for their particular application. To help explain in an easy-to-use format, we have created the WinVRS Models Comparison Guide. The chart helps specify the differences with each particular model explaining exactly which features are included with which models and listing all of the extensive features that are offered with WinVRS.

The literature has also been updated and modernized to offer you the latest information and graphics to help understand all the features of this powerful system. Programmed completely in-house by Cardinal software programmers, WinVRS is all-Cardinal. WinVRS has been time-tested and a popular add-on to Cardinal truck scale orders for many years!

Cardinal Scale’s New 190A Weight Indicator with Axle Weighing Software

cardinal 190a with 760 axle scalesDesigned for non-legal-for-trade portable axle weighing applications such as with Cardinal’s CWL-40 and 760 series mobile wheel weighers, the 190A weight indicator features axle weighing software, traffic control mode to automatically capture accumulative axle weights without the driver having to leave the truck (when connected to a remote display with traffic lights and printer), two RS232 serial ports (for printer and remote display), optional rechargeable lithium ion battery, capacitive touch keys, and IP69K-rated wash-down enclosure (the highest protection rating possible).

The 1-inch/25-mm high backlit LCD is visible in direct sunlight and may be set to any one of 6 different customizable settings. The 190A weight indicator features 3 watertight gland connectors, quick-connect power connector, and one ID.

The 190A easily factors axle weights by pressing the PRINT key for each successive axle weight, or it can function in traffic control auto mode sensing each truck axle’s weight when connected to a remote display such as the SB500 with traffic signals and a printer such as the P150. Traffic control mode allows the truck driver to never have to leave the truck during the axle weighing process which speeds up weighing operations.

A variety of power options for the 190A enable mobile weighing on the go!

The PS190 wall adapter with US, UK, EU, and Australian plugs.
The 190DC12 car battery charger cable with 12-foot length and battery terminal eyelets (also available in 6 and 18 foot lengths).
Or the popular BP190 rechargeable lithium ion internal battery pack, which charges from the indicator through the PS190 or 190DC12 power options.

Three different modes of power give you versatile options with Cardinal’s 190A indicator.

Cardinal’s model P150 mobile high-speed direct line thermal printer is rechargeable lithium-ion battery powered (included) for use with the 190A indicator and portable scales. The P150 is compact and robust with a long-life printing head and high reliability. It features easy paper handling due to its paper drop-in style, 3.15-in/80-mm per second printing speed, 203 DPI x 203 DPI resolution, and serial and USB connectivity. There are three LEDs to indicate battery status. Charging time is 2 hours for 90 minutes of continuous use. The overall dimensions are 3.7 W x 5.3 D x 2.2 H inches (96 W x 136 D x 58 H mm). Print width is 1.89 in/48 mm, 384 dot. Standard serial printer cable provided.

Become more efficient with a fork lift scale

Rice Lake CLS model fork lift scales are factory calibrated and delivered with innovative packaging that allows safe and fast installation. Compatible digital indicators can accept data wirelessly from the two-channel digital iQUBE® junction box, located on the scale carriage. Or, if you choose, the wired version communicates weight data via the coil cable provided with the scale. For wireless versions, the communication electronics are protected in enclosures mounted to the back of the indicator and in the junction box. Both models are designed with a separate on/off switch to conserve forklift power and will display battery hours remaining before a recharge is needed.

The CLS has a 5,000 lb capacity that is electronically and mechanically supported by two 5,000 lb stainless steel load cells and mechanical overload protection. The centering pin is welded directly to the scale instead of using mounting bolts that often break. The welded centering pin ensures proper Continue reading


Need odd sized floor scales for unique applications or to fit an existing pit without modifying it? Have special loading requirements? Point loading? Let us quote and design a custom floor scale for you or your customer!

Due to the unique engineering and manufacturing capability at our suppliers facility in Terre Haute, Indiana; we are adept at providing special designs at standard pricing, usually with only 3 to 4 week lead times. Continue reading

Mobility Equipment Dealers weigh your custom vans and stay in compliance!

To all the Mobility Equipment Dealers out there we have the 4 corner digital weigh scales that you need in order to weigh custom vans etc…  Recently the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) Board of Directors approved a motion set by the QAP Committee stating that any dealer who does not have a required four-corner scale system will be suspended from the program until such time as they are in compliance with these requirements. This requirement will be effective January 1, 2008. We have the Longacre ComputerScales® to help you acheive NMEDA compliance.

Wide wheel weigh scales are only one purchase order away!

Intercomp PT 300DW Wheel Weigh Scales are self-contained, high-capacity digital wheel load scale designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment. 22″ wide platform accomodates dual wheels and oversized tires.

The PT300DW scale is designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment. Weighing a mere 60 lbs, this sturdy, all aluminum, fully electronic, self-contained wheel load scale is capable of weighing loads up to 30,000 lb and more, with an accuracy of +/- 1%.

Cardinal 760 series gives you the performance you need, where you need it and when you need it

Cardinal 760PS and 760PA axle scales completely portable, two-module axle load scale gives you the performance you need, where you need it and when you need it. A real lightweight (only 400 lbs per aluminum platform) that handles the heavyweights (60,000 lbs capacity). Each scale comes complete with either steel or aluminum ramps, NEMA 4 junction box, environmentally-protected stainless steel load cells, and four access ramps.

Two (2) each platforms with 2 ramps each, Weighbridge – 7′ L x 30″ W x 5 1/2″ H, Stainless steel environmentally-protected load cells, Overall dimensions with ramp – 10′ L x 30″ W x 5 1/2″ H, Capacity – each platform – 30,000 lbs

The CWL-40 is rugged, but light enough for easy transport…

Cardinal’s model CWL-40 portable axle weighers are rugged, but light enough for easy transport, weighing in at only 60 pounds per platform. They feature rechargeable battery power and can factor axle weight and gross weight. With Cardinal’s model P150 battery-operated portable tape printer, you may print axle weight, gross weight, time, and date. The interlocking rubber ramps snap perfectly into place with the CWL-40’s unique design.

CWL – 40 Features Low-profile (1.75 inch/44mm high) design with integral transport handle handle, Six strain gauge load cell design, Large enough to weigh dual axles, Corrosion resistant material. A typical portable axle scale system configuration may include: CWL-40 scale with rubber ramps, model 210 indicator with 2XXBATKIT, and model P150 battery-operated tape printer.

Easy & Portable “weigh” to weigh vehicles

Save money by buying a wheel load scale system as a complete package. System includes either 2, 4, or 6 platform scales along with interconnecting cable. Charger cable is also included in the system. On top of all that, the carrying case is also a part of the Intercomp Wheel Load Scale System. Intercomp PT 300 Wheel Load Scale Systems include: Two/four/six scales (12″ x 12″ platform) with 20mA output, interconnecting cable, charging cable and carrying case. 12″ wide platform accomodates single tire (outside tire in dual wheel configuration).

Larger PT300DW is also available–22″ x 14″ Platform. This system includes: Two/four/six scales with 20mA output, interconnecting cable, charging cable and carrying case. 22″ wide platform accomodates dual wheels and oversized tires.