Are You Paying For Your Frozen Yogurt Cup too?

Believe it or not, the warmer months will be here before long and we’ll all be looking to cool down at the local froyo shop. Today, many of these frozen yogurt shops allow the consumer to dispense as much frozen yogurt he or she wants. 

The yogurt is priced at around fifty cents per ounce, so if you want many different flavors or a cup that is filled sky high, you can. However, the real question is are you paying for just the yogurt and toppings that you consume or are you also paying for the cup that the yogurt is placed in?

Many yogurt shops determine price based on the weight of the yogurt and toppings, but they are required to subtract the weight of the cup or package first (which is called the tare weight). According to Jerry Butler, NCDA & CS Weight and Measures program manager, not every shop is aware of that. Butler heads a team of 24 inspectors whose job is to inspect scales in the state, and he guesses that they’ve inspected around a hundred or so yogurt shops so far. Of those, he estimates about 75 percent have not been using their scales properly. “Say you’re a family of four,” Butler says, “you could be paying up to a dollar extra just for the weight of the cups. So it’s important that the shops know how to use their scales.”

Now that the NCDA & CS inspectors have discovered that yogurt shops use scales, they’re keeping an eye out for them as they drive to other jobs. If they see a frozen yogurt shop while they’re out, they’ll step inside to inspect it. Most shops that have been violating are quick to correct their mistakes, which were usually made in ignorance, Butler says. A second offense would result in a notice of violation, and a third offender must pay a penalty of up to $5,000. So what can frozen yogurt eaters do to make sure they’re getting the most yogurt for their buck? “The bottom line is: the consumer needs to look and ask,” Butler says. “Make sure that the yogurt shop employee uses the tare. And if they’re not, the consumer needs to call me.”

Fortunately for frozen yogurt shop owners, we have electronic scales available that make this process fairly easy to accommodate. Contact the sales staff today (919) 776-7737 and they will be happy to provide you with prices for the legal for trade scales that will work best to accommodate weighing frozen yogurt by the ounce, and using the tare feature to subtract out the weight of the cup.

scale for weighing frozen yogurt by the ounce

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Cool Off With Frozen Yogurt By The Ounce

A good way to cool off from the extreme summer heat is to visit the neighborhood frozen yogurt shop for a cupful of ice cold frozen low fat yogurt. Regardless of whether your frozen yogurt options are simple like chocolate or vanilla, or perhaps some type of a mixture of flavors or toppings, frozen yogurt is an excellent method to cool down and relax for a couple moments on a sizzling day.
However, for frozen yogurt shop proprietors there are a few differences when talking about charging shoppers for the frozen yogurt. Should you charge potential customers a set fee depending on the size frozen yogurt they purchase? If that’s the case, how can you figure out what a “small” yogurt consists of? Exactly how much yogurt is within a “large” cup? You may be gifting away product employing this procedure. Or, you could potentially charge for your frozen yogurt by utilizing a legal for trade frozen yogurt scale that weighs in ounces.
Typically the reasonable way and most successful strategy is to weigh the frozen yogurt cup and charge customers by the ounce for his or her frozen yogurt purchase. The consumer then pays you a certain amount of money per ounce.

scale for weighing frozen yogurt by the ounce

This is really fairly simple to accomplish. First, research your options and ascertain what price per ounce you intend to charge your clients in order to make a profit. Next, you will want to buy at minimum two price computing scales which display weight in oz . for each frozen yogurt shop because the weight from the items is important to your operation. If one scale were to fail for whatever reason, you would have another on hand. And with the two scales available, you can now charge customers for his or her frozen yogurt and get paid dollars per ounce. You merely fill up the cup with frozen yogurt, put it on the scale and acquire your price per ounce.

So if a customer or an employee, depending on your store arrangement, adds more or less yogurt to a “medium” size cup, the consumer is purchasing what they received and the store is being paid on what they sold.