PC Software captures Data from Digital Scales or Balances

Recently Adam Equipment introduced AdamDU Data Collection Software, a new software utility that collects balance and scale data for immediate analysis or for exporting to other applications such as spreadsheets. The software is easy to set up and can record data from up to eight Adam Equipment balances and scales simultaneously. AdamDU is also capable of providing graphing and statistic analysis for the collected data.

Customers are asking for easy ways of sending their scale data to the computer and with the Adam software package, it couldn’t get any easier. The software is designed to work with most Adam balances and scales, without needing complex programming skills. Continue reading

Looking for a dog to adopt? Also, we carry many Animal and Vet Scales

Just wanted to make you aware that we carry many different veterinary scales — perfect for any budget. Please take a look when you get a free moment.

The real point of this entry is to highlight what joy can come from adopting a wonderful little dog from an animal rescue mission. If you are looking for a little companion puppy or dog to play with or just a loyal friend to watch grow and develop and be a part of your family, I strongly encourage you to take a look at a local pet rescue center in your area. These are nice adorable dogs who might just be what you and/or your family have been looking for!

Quality versus Price

Sometimes ideas about what to write on this blog just fall right into my lap. I just got off the phone with a potential customer who was asking for a price on a scale system. Once I told him the price, he immediately questioned me and wondered why my item was so much more expensive than a “similar” item he had just seen on another website. I Continue reading

You make the call — throw away or A REAL FISHING SCALE

“I’m looking for an inexpensive fishing scale for my club” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this! Without a doubt, we at Central Carolina Scale have the BEST digital fishing scales on the market! No, they are not cheap. Yes, some clubs run and hide when they hear the price! Like we say on our site…YOU MAKE THE CALL — keep buying throw away office scales every year or STEP UP and buy a FISHING TOURNAMENT SCALE!

The Tournament Series is a washdown safe, stainless steel scale with large weigh platform. Best of all, the weight LOCKS in on the display! The Doran Classic Series also features the weight LOCK. Both of these are OUTSTANDING choices. Both are NTEP legal for trade and both have internal rechargeable battery available. Large remote displays are also available to allow the audience a great view of the weigh in.

One note to think about…each state’s laws vary but it’s probably a really good idea to have your tournament scale certified by your department of weights and measures to ensure you’re using a certified NTEP legal for trade scale system at any fishing tournament where money is used as an award. Fortunately, both of these scales are easily certified since they’re NTEP approved.

Inexpensive Animal Weigh Scale that’s digital!

Looking for a nice, inexpensive scale to weigh animals on? Look no further than the WSI Medical VS-250 Vet Scale. It features a large easy to clean stainless platform with four loadcells. Its remote display with large LCD gives easy viewing. The display can be used on a desk top or wall mounted with the included hardware.

Capacity ……………..550 lb

Graduation ………….. 0.2lb

Dimensions ………….43 x 20 x 2”

Power Supply ………Rechargeable Battery, charger included

Affordable scale — ideal for weighing rabbits or any small animals.

AP4KD Digital Vet Scale by Detecto — This little scale is big on accuracy, ease of use and affordability. The removable stainless steel tray cleans up easily. Features include time-saving, pushbutton tare and 1/2″/13mm high red digits. Cost is less than half that of other manufacturers’ scales of this type. Great on a bench or counter top for weighing rabbits, small dogs, cats, or any other small animals.

Finally, a digital scale for smaller animals!

This portable, compact scale with a remote digital weight display is the ideal scale for small animals. The removable stainless steel platform makes cleanup easy. Its scale base can be positioned up to 8’/2.5m away from the display. The scale and display are battery powered and have a power-saving automatic sleep mode. Automatic zero tracking maintains the scale at zero while the hold feature retains the displayed weight after the animal is removed.

The Detecto Vet-50 Electronic Scale, a portable, compact sized scale with a remote weight display, is the ideal scale for small animals. The scale base of the Model 50 Vet Scale can be positioned up to 10′ away from the display. The scale and display are battery powered, and have a power-saving automatic sleep mode. Automatic zero tracking of the Model 50 Veterinarian scale maintains the scale at zero while the hold feature retains the displayed weight after the animal is removed from the scale. The Digital Indicator is battery powered with an automatic sleep mode and automatic activation. This 0.7″ LCD weight display also comes with mounting brackets for desk or wall mounting.

Hold your horses…yes, we finally have an Equestrian Scale!

We now have the Salter ES2500 Equestrian Scale available! It features accurate electronic weighing of larger animals removes the guesswork for administration of feed and medicine. Capacity is 1,000 kg (2,500 lb). The largest horses average below the capacity limits of this equestrian scale. Good for all breeds. Full size platform for ease of use.

The scale is large enough to avoid making animals skittish while weighing. Low profile to avoid high “step up”. Helps limit the shyness of animals when stepping onto strange surfaces. Hold function for single user weighing. Easy to use hold feature enables the scale to capture the weight and retain it while you tend to the animal.

Need an economical animal scale? We gotcha covered!

The Salter Vet Deck w/ 200E is a great choice for a reliable and economical digital vet scale. The Vet-Deck accomplishes a multitude of weighing jobs on the farm. It fits easily into alleyways for weighing market hogs, nursery pigs, or other livestock. Its low profile makes it easy to weigh feed carts and bulk containers. The non-skid surface protects you and your livestock from accidental slips and falls. The adjustable footpads allow it to work effectively on uneven floors.

The Vet-Deck w/ 200E is easy to move, weighing only 55 pounds. You can set it in place without ramps or recessed floors because it’s only 1.75 inches high. The Vet-Deck has no installation costs. And its Weigh Bar® system means it has no moving parts that require maintenance or adjustments. The Vet-Deck gives you constant accuracy, within 0.5%. The Vet-Deck is built to withstand rigorous daily use. Your investment is backed by a one-year warranty. Capacity: 1000 x .2 lbs, Overall height: 1.75″, Deck dimensions: 20″ x 50″ x 1.75″, Weight: 55 lbs