Want a lab balance that can connect to your PC?

Then you need to try the Shimadzu UW series balances. It features Shimadzu’s exclusive Windows® Direct feature, allowing the balance to communicate directly with Windows applications without the cost of additional software. Quick response and high stability are standard with the Shimadzu line. The UW features Date and time, Motor-CAL feature which allows calibration to be made any time with key-touch operation, Windows® Direct which allows balance to communicate directly with Windows® applications without additional software, Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Record of calibration, High resolution models can accurately detect minute changes in a large mass, Analog bar and comparator display.

SUPER BRIGHT Remote Displays are here!

If you want a SUPER BRIGHT red display for your scale system, the Rice Lake Survivor Laser Light Remote Display is your answer. ****Warning: If you stand within arms length of this display, you will need to wear sunglasses, or deal with the consequences!****

Seriously, this display is really nice. Featuring a super-bright LED display and a non-glare filtered lens, the LaserLight remote display is clearly visible—even in direct sunlight. The unique IntelliBright™ feature uses a photo sensor to read ambient light to automatically adjust the LaserLight’s display intensity between day and night settings. IntelliBright prevents random switching of the display brightness from headlights or lightning through a time and light intensity comparison.

The LaserLight is available in 4″ and 6″ digit sizes and features annunciators for gross, net, lb, and kg.

The LaserLight’s configuration menu is entered via setup and navigation switches and is displayed on the front panel for easy configuration of the unit. Standard RS-232, 20 mA and RS-485 communications

Doctor’s Office Scales — We’ve got them!

Precise, robust and convenient! Patients, doctors, and home users will benefit more from the new seca 700 Doctor’s Office Scale. More precision due to the 0.1 lb graduation and a higher capacity of up to 500 lbs. The included measuring height rod has a range from 24″ to 78″. The seca 700 is equipped with integrated transport castors (wheels) for mobile use.

The seca 700 mechanical column scale with the eye-level balance beam sets new standards worldwide – for capacity, graduation and quality. The compact packaging helps keep freight costs to a minimum.

Need a scale with bright color coded Over, Under & Accept indications?

Then look no further, the Doran Model 4300 Digital Checkweighing Scale should be exactly what you need. Features and specifications include: New low profile “Quad-Spring” shockproof base – only 2″ high!, and bright color coded Over, Under & Accept checkweigh indicators.

The 4300 also features exclusive “STABIL-IZER” software filter which eliminates “bouncy display” caused by vibrations or air movement near the scale and a brighter display – which is easy to read from as far as 25 feet away. Plus, the Doran 4300 displays weight in lb, kg, oz, or lb&oz and is washdown safe.

Race Car Scales are essential to “dialing in” your race car…

Proper weight distribution is critical in obtaining a well-handling race car. To make sure your weight percentages are correct, you need the best computerized scale system. Proper chassis setup separates the front runners from the followers. Intercomp scales provide the necessary data for any racer to become a chassis expert. If you’re not using them for racing, these scales do an excellent job giving you individual wheel weights, percentages, and total weight. Intercomp SW Series Industrial Grade Scales compute center of gravity, weight as a percentage, individual platform and total weight. Self-contained indicator and printer are available for certain models. The max capacities range from 4000 to 20,000 lbs.

Give me a great scale that doesn’t cost that much!

You wouldn’t believe how many times we hear that!!!! Of course, a great price is in the eye of the beholder, but the CAS SW series digital bench scale is a truly wonderful low cost digital scale that is priced really well considering all that you get.

I won’t bore you with too many features, but this scale has a tremendous amount of standard features for such a low priced scale. That’s probably one of the reasons it’s such a good seller! NTEP Approved Legal for Trade, Battery operation or AC power, nice large 1″ LCD display— and here’s the really nice feature! The SW weighs in pounds, kilograms, grams and ounces (easily switchable). It also features a nice compact design with stainless steel platter. If you’re looking for a nice, economical bench or counter top scale, the CAS SW is a super choice!

Finally, the ideal solution for counting coins for vending, laundry or gaming centers.

The DMC-688 Series coin counting scale was developed with portability and speed of operation in mind. This efficient model can weigh any quantity of coin in no time! Weighing only 8 lbs and powered either by battery or AC power, the DMC-688 is ideal for applications that require a portable scale.

Preset coin value keys allow you to count everything from a handful of dimes to a $1,000.00 bag of quarters.

Eighteen “hot” keys allow you to customize the scale with any assigned coin, token or ticket denomination. Three large bright displays for weight, denomination, and total value, feature super high contrast that make results easy to see, even in dim light. The scale also has an optional hard cover carrying case available, making it the ideal portable system for parking meter collections and more!

What scale should I buy to take to the farmer’s market?

This is a question we get asked quite a bit. Really the answer depends on what your needs are and how much money you’re looking to spend. Traditionally, one of our very best selling digital NTEP Approved Legal for Trade price computing scales has been the Tor Rey. It doesn’t matter if it’s the proven model like the PC-40L or the LPC-40L.  The Tor Rey lineup of basic price computing scales have been a very reliable and cost effective price computing scale for our customers.

The PC-40L meets most weighing needs for the cost conscious retailer. Rechargeable Battery power makes the PC-40L highly versatile and portable.  Application areas include mobile businesses, fruits & vegetables, meats & cheese, delicatessens, confectionary, coffee & tea, portion control, and many more!  The PC-40L from Tor Rey is easy to install and easy to operate.  The stainless steel enclosure is easy to clean and the LCD display with backlight is easy to read.

A truly affordable digital hanging scale? Does one really exist?

You bet! The 200BW digital hanging scale is an affordable crane scale calibrated with a highly accurate load cell with 2 eyebolts. Easy to install and operate, the 200BW crane scales come with 15 to 20 ft of cable between crane scale and your choice of digital weight indicator. The load cell is Nickel plated tool steel and is rated for 1.5 times the scale capacity.

The digital readout choices include the basic DS100, the 200E w/ peak hold, the NTEP approved TI-500BW which operates on AC and 6 “C” batteries, or the NEW WASHDOWN SYSTEM — a XIF Stainless Steel Washdown Indicator w/ Stainless Steel Load Cell.

Every good team has an MVP

Everybody always calls us looking for a low cost but yet high quality digital bench scale. Now everybody’s idea of “Low Cost” varies, but these Doran MVP bench scales are truly a great value and a scale system that should last you for years. Doran’s MVP Series Scales provide the flexibility to meet your most demanding weighing tasks. Choose from the basic indicator/base configuration, or the complete stand-alone system using the optional column, wheel casters, or conveyor top. If economy, reliability and ease of use is important, you’ll be glad to have a Doran MVP Scale on your team!

The MVP comes with a DS 100 Digital Weight Indicator. Simple and intuitive operation with UNITS, PRINT, TARE, ZERO (On/Off) and GROSS/NET. A bright, easy to read LED display provides excellent readability in a wide variety of lighting conditions and angles – up to 25 feet away. We highly recommend you take a look at the MVP bench scale system. Chances are you can come up with a configuration that will work for you.