What you don’t know about your food manufacturing process could cost thousands of dollars

Add one of our DoranĀ Bakery Scales to your process to improve efficiency. Bakeries, snack food processors, foodservice, makers of cakes, muffins, brownies, tortillas, pizza dough, and donuts are realizing cost savings from adding digital portion scales to their process. Just read a few of the case studiesĀ about everything from Mushrooms to Margarine.

From scaling and mixing areas for minor and major ingredients, to the manufacturing and finishing area and to final packaging and shipping, these high quality Doran scales are providing food service customers with a scale to satisfy specific needs and budgets. Doran’s weighing systems integrate into your existing corportate network and will send data to front office for analysis of production activity, monitoring of ingredient lot ID usage, and tracking QC audits. Easier HACCP and SQF2000 compliance is made possible with automated, digital recordkeeping. With improved control of ingredient usage and production processes, your return on investment is lower ingredient costs, elimination of costs associated with bad batches, and consistent product quality. It’s not just bakeries that save lots of money, read about how a sauce maker saved thousands of dollars by adding a Doran Scale to its operation.