4 Tips To Avoid Costly Maintenance for Your Large Industrial Scales

Scales are the backbone of any business, and key to the quality and marketability of your products. However, improper care of your scale can lead to inaccuracies and even severe damage over time. To avoid expensive maintenance costs, there are few methods you can use to ensure your scale is both long-lasting and accurate.

Truck scale at a beer distribution center

1. Get Your Scale Calibrated Regularly

Proper calibration is the best sign that your scale is functioning properly. Wear and tear, particulates, and working conditions can all cause your scale to become inaccurate, affecting your bottom line. The calibration process can be time-consuming, so it is best to hire a scale calibration service to check your scale for you. Professional services will use certified known weights, as well as go through the certification of your scale with the state.

2. Have a Professional Service Make Preventative Repairs

One of the best ways you can avoid major damage to your scale is to hire a professional service for a tune-up. A licensed professional will be able to make small repairs that will extend the life of your scale, as well as notice any warning signs of chronic wear or damage that you may have missed. Many companies offer specialized scale repairs, including careful testing of load cells, moisture levels, and wiring. Having a scheduled service for your scale is both convenient and less expensive overall.

3. Install Your Scale Correctly

Did you know that the main cause of damage to scales comes from installing them in the wrong location? Getting your scale set up professionally will optimize workflow and keep your scale safe from contaminants and needless wear. Many companies can partner with contractors to create custom setups or pits for your scale or make specialized screening for additional protection. Installation is also the perfect time to certify and calibrate your scale and establish a healthy relationship with your repair technician.

4. Know When You Need to Replace or Upgrade Your Scale

Many large industrial scales are made to last through constant day-to-day use. However, even the best scales cannot last forever. Knowing when to seek out a new scale for your business will avoid issues in the future, as well as keep your company up to date with the latest technology and standards. Many older mechanical scales can undergo conversion into electronic ones by replacing the weighting beam with a load cell. The process can bring new life to your equipment as well as avoid manual errors while on the job. 

Central Carolina Scale Provides Scale Maintenance

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